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Cloris Waldrip, a 72-year-old sole survivor of a plane crash, is lost and alone in the unforgiving wilderness of Montana’s rugged Bitterroot Range, exposed to the elements with no tools beyond her wits and ingenuity, as Debra Lewis, a park ranger struggling with addiction and a recent divorce, is galvanized by her mission to find and rescue Cloris. 20,000 first printing. - (Baker & Taylor)

The lives of two women&;the sole survivor of an airplane crash and the troubled park ranger leading the rescue mission&;collide in this "gripping," (Vogue) "heart-pounding," (NPR) and "highly original" (LA Times) novel of tough-minded resilience.

Longlisted for the Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize
A New York Times New and Noteworthy Book
An O, The Oprah Magazine Best Book of January

The sole survivor of a plane crash, seventy-two-year-old Cloris Waldrip is lost and alone in the unforgiving wilderness of Montana's rugged Bitterroot Range, exposed to the elements with no tools beyond her wits and ingenuity. Intertwined with her story is Debra Lewis, a park ranger struggling with addiction and a recent divorce who is galvanized by her new mission to find and rescue Cloris.

As Cloris wanders mountain forests and valleys, subsisting on whatever she can scavenge, her hold on life ever more precarious, Ranger Lewis and her motley group of oddball rescuers follow the trail of clues she's left behind. Days stretch into weeks, and hope begins to fade. But with nearly everyone else giving up, Ranger Lewis stays true until the end.

Dramatic and morally complex, Kingdomtide is a story of the decency and surprising resilience of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances. In powerful, exquisite prose, debut novelist Rye Curtis delivers an inspiring account of two unforgettable characters whose heroism reminds us that survival is only the beginning. - (Grand Central Pub)

Biografía del autor

Rye Curtis is originally from Amarillo, Texas. He is a graduate of Columbia Univer­sity and lives on a ranch in Texas. Kingdomtide is his first novel.
- (Grand Central Pub)

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Booklist Reviews

Sole survivor of a 1986 plane crash in Montana's remote Bitterroot National Forest, 72-year-old Cloris Waldrip is an, all things considered, extraordinarily sunny narrator for Curtis' deep and surprising debut. The polite, spiritual, and quietly hilarious Texan tells her story (from the safety of a Vermont assisted-living facility), alternating with chapters that follow Bitterroot ranger Lewis and her goofy but capable band's rescue search. Cloris' survival narration is exciting, with devastating vistas and a mysterious savior in the form of a possible fugitive, but her musings on her past life and life in general are some of the book's very best moments. I have taken more than I can ever hope to give back, and just by going for a little ole walk outside I set new roads for the wind. Like its subject, Lewis' story is, well, rangier, and a worthy foil. Both women have their ticks—Cloris' committment to telling even the ugliest bits of her tale, Lewis' secret all-day Merlot-sipping habit—and both are wise enough to know what they don't know. Gloriously unexpected. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews

Curtis's intense debut pairs two narratives, one of which is better realized than the other. The more urgent and successful story is that of feisty 72-year-old Cloris Waldrip, a staple of the Methodist church in the little town in the Texas Panhandle where she and her husband of 54 years live. On their way to a fishing vacation in Montana in 1986, their tiny plane crashes. The plane's pilot and Cloris's husband are killed, leaving her stranded in the wilderness of the Bitterroot Mountains. Her grueling attempt to survive and escape is depicted with vivid urgency. She becomes an object of obsession for forest ranger Debra Lewis and a small crew of misfits who help her with the search. While Lewis does her best to locate Cloris, whom she is convinced against all evidence is still alive, she is hampered by a bureaucracy that doesn't want to devote any more money to the search. As a result, she spends much less time searching than downing bottle after bottle of merlot, suffering through a dysfunctional sexual relationship with a search-and-rescue guy brought in for the hunt, and lusting after the guy's troubled teenage daughter. Cloris's gritty, nightmarish story, as well as her strong voice and personality, will make her a reader favorite. Though uneven, this story of survival will keep readers quickly turning the pages. (Jan.)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.

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