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The pirate handbook
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Ahoy mateys! Here be secrets to unfold if ye dream of being a buccaneer.

Want to become a pirate? You need this book! Discover the real (and revolting) life of a pirate, from recruitment (don’t call us, we’ll kidnap you!), grub (cackle fruit = eggs), to parts of the ship (the poop deck is not a toilet). Then visit the rogues gallery to meet the most famous pirates to ever set sail. - (Random House, Inc.)

Author Biography

Libby Hamilton has written a variety of children’s books, including The Monstrous Book of Monsters and The Fairy-Tale Handbook. She lives in England.

Mathieu Leyssenne is an illustrator who has worked in both books and games. He teaches illustration at the Lima School of Applied Arts in Bordeaux.

Jason Kraft
is an illustrator, art director, and character designer who lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife. - (Random House, Inc.)

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Hamilton follows The Fairy Tale Handbook and The Monstrous Book of Monsters with an irreverent guide to the pirate life, full of information about crew hierarchy, slang, traditions, legendary ghost ships, and more. Flaps on one spread let readers peer inside a pirate ship as they learn about nautical terminology (they'll also discover that this particular pirate captain counts a teddy bear among his treasures). Elsewhere, children can give one unlucky pirate an eye patch, as well as multiple peg legs and hooks, by lifting flaps in a section about injuries and diseases. A pop-up hall of fame introduces several notable pirates, including three women, to close out an entertaining book for sprogs looking to become full-fledged sea dogs. Ages 5–8. (Aug.)

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