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Brink of Chaos
City of the lost
Clementine and the family meeting
Goodbye, Mr. Terupt
Natalie Portman
The cat man of Aleppo
The Berenstain Bears honesty counts
The bug girl : a true story
Saving Stella
Breaking the ice
My wild life : adventures of a wildlife photographer
The world needs who you were made to be
I am Anne Frank
Margret & H.A. Rey
The thirteenth fairy
The sea in winter
The smartest kid in the universe
Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
Garfield goes hog wild
From the desk of Zoe Washington
Claudia and the new girl
Hilo : the boy who crashed to Earth
The bad guys in The one?!
I Can Be a Horse Rider
Little Secrets
Thieves Fall Out
Gustavo, the shy ghost
Deep lie
Crime Scene.
The New Dad from a to Z
Just as I am : a memoir