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New Books
Killing Kennedy
The book of the moon : a guide to our closest neighbor
Hell and other destinations : a 21st-century memoir
Child of light : a biography of Robert Stone
Betsey. : a memoir
Arguing with socialists
A fire story
Humble pi : when math goes wrong in the real world
Veil of shadows
A warrior
The book of longings
Old Lovegood girls : a novel
Dead land
The death of Jesus
Girls of summer : a novel
Hello, summer
Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
The business of lovers
A week at the shore
Dark lycan : a Carpathian novel
Dark blood : a Carpathian novel
Hell with the lid blown off
Amnesty : a novel
The antidote for everything
If it bleeds : new fiction
The K team
All adults here
Shakespeare for squirrels : a novel